St. Cyprian Believers Eastern Church Holds a Community Car Wash

Oct. 7, 2022 20220813_111249.jpg

STONEY CREEK, Ontario -- August 13, 2022, GFA World’s ( partner St. Cyprian Believers Eastern Church ( parish hosted a Community Car Wash for the residents of Stoney Creek. A total of 26 vehicles, ranging from a motorcycle to mini vans and pickup trucks, were washed. Donations were accepted to help unsponsored children escape the cycle of poverty.

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20 volunteers came together Saturday morning to wash cars from nine in the morning until one o’clock. The children enjoyed working with the adults, strengthening the parish community while serving the Stoney Creek community.

We served refreshments to those who wished, while their cars were being washed. Parishioners washed the vehicles by hand with warm soapy water and sponges. Also, we gave special attention to the hubcaps, leaving them clean and shining. After the cars were well rinsed, they were dried by hand to leave a spotless finish. Two washing stations were available so that no one had to wait.

The event was a huge success! The donations that were given at the Community Car Wash will help meet the most pressing needs of under-developed communities in Asia and Africa. Given the great needs in Asia and Africa, we focus on unserved communities, going where others have not gone.

To learn about St. Cyprian BEC, and how you can participate with us, visit website.