Canadian-based mission GFA World provides clean drinking water to nearly 40 million desperate people across Asia

April 14, 2023 2023-04-13-15_27_31-GFA-World-Jesus-Wells-Project-Ends-Water-Woes-and-3-more-pages.jpg

STONEY CREEK, Ontario — Mission agency GFA World ( now provides a water lifeline to nearly 40 million desperate people – a number roughly equal to the entire population of Canada.


Globally, 663 million people lack clean water. Every year, around 500,000 people — including 360,000 children under the age of five — die from waterborne diseases such as diarrhea, cholera, dysentery and typhoid.

“These are overwhelming numbers,” said GFA World founder K.P. Yohannan, also known as Metropolitan Yohan. “The good news is we can help save many precious lives, one community at a time.”

Canadian-based GFA World has helped install more than 40,000 wells — called “Jesus Wells” — and 95,000 BioSand water filters, providing safe drinking water to more than 39 million highly vulnerable people in Asia.

Altercations Over Water

In one village in Nepal, quarrels and fights sometimes erupted as villagers waited in line for up to two hours to fill their jars at a community water pipe, reduced to a trickle by months of drought.

Aware of their plight, GFA World came alongside the local church to help make a new well a reality. At first, the believers in this mountainside village began digging by hand, but – when they hit solid rock – their task seemed hopeless. A crew with drilling machines arrived to help, but even they soon gave up.

“The pastor had been praying for two years for God to solve the water problem in the community,” Yohannan said. “[The church members] continued to dig manually, and God did a miracle. Breaking through rock at 33-feet deep, they reached a spring.”

Astonished village leaders said, “This is a great service the church has done… you have become a blessing for us.”

Speaking of the community impact, Yohannan said, “Children won’t miss school anymore because of water-hauling duties, and people no longer get sick from drinking contaminated water from dirty ponds and mudholes.”

“Jesus Wells transform entire communities, Yohannan said, showing people “God really cares about them and answers their prayers.”