GFA World Staff Run for COVID-19 Relief

Oct. 13, 2021 IMG_0433.jpg

GFA World hosted its first official 5K “Run for THEIR Life,” benefiting the men, women and children of Asia and Africa who are fighting COVID-19.

The COVID-19 pandemic is bringing death and destruction to millions around the globe. For many in Asia, the affect of the virus is felt in more ways than one as they struggle to make ends meet during the lockdown. Mothers and fathers, who are already struggling in poverty, aren’t able to provide food for their families because of lockdowns. Many are saying they fear starvation more than the coronavirus.

GFA World is helping to bring much-needed aid to families who are suffering from the affect of COVID-19 through their Compassion Services ministry, which provides food and hygiene supplies, as well as the hope found in the Good News to people in need.

GFA World’s Canadian Home Staff members found a way to get involved locally by “running to change lives”. On September 21ST, they hosted the first ever “Run for THEIR Life” on behalf of those affected by COVID-19 in the nations where GFA national missionaries serve.


Run for Their Life is the official 5K race of GFA World. It began at the GFA World U.S. Campus as a means of providing people with a way of raising funds to help impoverished people live wholesome, healthy lives—transformed by the power of the love and compassion of Jesus Christ.

The Canadian 5K run took place on September 21st at a hiking trail near the GFA World office in Stoney Creek, Ontario. The cloudy damp September weather didn’t stop GFA staff members and their families from gathering at 7:30 am for the event.


The run began with prayer and then the participants set out on the trail. Once everyone completed the course, they finished up with breakfast.

GFA staff were excited to participate in this important activity, knowing that they were running on behalf of needy people in the developing world. All the participants, children, youth, and adults ran to help make a difference for those impacted by the pandemic!

GFA World is looking forward to making this an annual event, perhaps providing an opportunity for more people to get involved.