GFA World is serving the community as a voting station

July 25, 2022 _DSC3822.jpg

STONEY CREEK, Ontario -- What happened on June 2nd? June 2nd has been host to numerous fascinating events through the centuries. On June 2, 1917, Canadian flying ace Captain William Avery “Billy” Bishop flew a daring solo mission over enemy lines for which he was awarded the Victoria Cross, while the same day in 1953 Queen Elizabeth II was officially coronated as Queen of England, to name but two events of the many memorable ones that have taken place on this date. Though perhaps a bit less monumental, June 2, 2022, also marked the date of the general election to choose members for the 43rd Ontario Provincial Parliament.


On that date GFA World ( staff were ready with a smile to welcome voters to their office, and courteously assisted with opening doors, which was appreciated by those that came through. It was a pleasure to work with the electoral officials, who were very organized and well prepared for their work. Hundreds of people came through the office, and the fair weather and efficient voting procedures made everything run smoothly.

Four tables were set up to accommodate the voters who, upon arrival were able to proceed to any table available to mark their ballot, which were then immediately counted anonymously by a machine.

Why do we want to serve our province and community?


GFA World, a mission group, is committed to seeing communities around the world transformed through God’s love, and that includes our local community here in Stoney Creek. Serving the community as a polling station in provincial and federal elections allows us to participate in the life of our community, provides an opportunity to get to know our neighbours, as well as allowing us to work alongside local government officials. All that we do, we do out of love for God, and His love toward us.

President and Ministry Director, Fr Pat Emerick makes the connection this way, "GFA World seeks to fulfill our mission by building relationships here in our local community and abroad. As Christ taught us "you shall be witnesses to Me in Jerusalem, and in all Judea and Samaria, and to the end of the earth.” Acts 1:8"