Fall Festival for Stoney Creek Community Held by St. Cyprian Believers Eastern Church

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The parish of St. Cyprian Believers Eastern Church welcomed their local neighbourhood for an afternoon of fun to help strengthen community relationships

STONEY CREEK, Ontario – October 22, 2022 St. Cyprian BEC (https://www.bechurch.ca), mission partner of GFA World (www.gfa.ca), hosted a free Fall Festival for the community. We gratefully took advantage of one of the last warm weekends of the year for this event. Families and individuals were welcomved to the property we share with GFA World from one to five in the afternoon. Donations were accepted to support the local Stoney Creek Food Bank.


This event featured fall treats made by parishoners, games, face painting, a bouncy castle, and the opportunity to interact with other community members. Dave Coruzzi, a local musician and guitar teacher, also provided live music during the event. Almost 150 people atteneded the festival.-

Stoney Creek is a multi-cultural community, and we were delighted to have families from different backgrounds in attendance. We love being able to share small pieces of our cultural heritage with those from other backgrounds! Sometimes we do so through teaching adults how to play checkers, or playing giant-sized jenga. Or just sharing some of our favourite fall-time snacks and treats like caramel popcorn and chocolate chip cookies.

Around the world, Believer’s Eastern Church parishes seek to meet the needs in their communities. Partnering with GFA World, we have helped organize free medical camps in remote areas. Also, we have been able to provide misquitoe nets to many impoverished people in various communities.